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Porsche Spokane

New v. Used Porsche

Why Buy — New v. Used Porsches

The beauty, power, and legacy of a Porsche is unparalleled in today’s automotive industry. Whether new or used, a Porsche is the ultimate automotive temptation, and only a Porsche owner truly knows how desirable these vehicles really are.


If you’re ready to know the power of a Porsche for yourself, but you’re not sure whether to buy new or used, read on; here, we’ll lay out the benefits of both purchasing options. 

Buying a Used Porsche 

Buying a used vehicle becomes a more reliable endeavor every passing year, thanks to the widespread increase in the longevity and overall quality of modern vehicles. With a used Porsche, this increase is exponential. Porsches are often ranked across the globe for their reliability and longevity, always earning numbers well above the industry average. Many Porsche warranties can be transferred between owners so you do not miss out on the benefit of superior protection and coverage. A Porsche has been one of the most desirable vehicles on the face of the planet since they were first released in the 1930s. No matter what model year your Porsche is, one simple fact will always set your car apart from the rabble: your car is a Porsche. 

Buying a New Porsche 

The number one perk of buying a brand new Porsche is that it will always be yours, with no claims to previous ownership. Thanks to the unquestionably high-standard of Porsche’s manufacturing practices, you know you are purchasing a vehicle that is as close to flawless as a car or SUV can be, with an impeccably clean interior to boot. New Porsches will not require maintenance for many thousands of miles once you start driving, barring some sort of tragic collision or accident. New Porsches also come with excellent roadside assistance and warranties.


Whether you are leaning toward a new or used Porsche, we can help you find your dream model right here at Porsche of Spokane. 

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